Symposium Compendium

Session Program

The final version of the USS5 Technical Program contains details on each session.


The sortable table below lists all of the presentations made in the technical sessions during the 5th Urban Street Symposium. Links to the right of each presentation title point to the paper and presentation file associated with each presentation, as provided by the presenter. Where papers were provided with the presentation files, the authors’ names are listed with the paper title.

Session 11 was a poster session, and all presentation files for that session are PDFs of those posters.  Session 14 was a “lightning” session, with shorter presentations than a traditional podium session.  Session 1 (opening session) and Session 17 (closing session) were plenary sessions.  Remaining sessions were traditional 3- or 4-speaker podium sessions.

Session # Presenter
Last Name
First Name
Presentation/Paper Title (with Authors’ Names) Paper Presentation
S01-1 Fitzpatrick Kay History of the Urban Street Symposium – Welcome to the 5th Meeting Fitzpatrick Presentation (S01-1)
S01-2 Surasky Mike Partnership between TRB and ITE – Welcome to Raleigh Surasky Presentation
S01-3 McAvey Maureen Metro Winners & Losers: Five Trends to Watch McAvey Presentation
S02-1 O’Brien Sarah Impact of Superstreet Operations on Pedestrians and Bicyclists O’Brien Presentation
S02-2 Fluitt Travis NC 55 Bypass at Avent Ferry Road “Reverse” RCUT Fluitt Presentation
S02-3 Xu Liu Development of Interval-based Planning Models for Evaluating the Bay Length in a Signalized Superstreet Xu Presentation
S02-4 Reynolds Bradley An Application of the New Synchronized Interchange Design Reynolds Presentation
S03-1 Nordback Krista Motorist-Cyclist Crash Data Needs for Bicycle Safety Analysis Nordback Presentation
S03-2 Le Thanh Safety Effects of Turning Movement Restrictions at Stop-Controlled Inersections (by Thanh Le, Frank Gross, and Timothy Harmon) Le Paper (S03-2) Le Presentation (S03-2)
S03-3 Srinivasan Raghavan Safety Evaluation of Flashing Yellow Arrow Treatment (by Raghavan Srinivasan, Bo Lan, Daniel Carter, Sarah Smith, and Kari Signor)
[Award Winner: Best Paper, 5th Urban Street Symposium]
Srinivasan Paper Srinivasan Presentation
S03-4 Carter Daniel Safety Evaluation of Pedestrian Countdown Signals Carter Presentation
S04-1 Jafari Reza Characterizing and Treating Lane Discontinuities on North Carolina Streets and Highways (by Joseph E. Hummer and Reza R. Jafari) Jafari Paper Jafari Presentation
S04-2 Blackburn Lauren Model Policies Guiding the Implementation of Pedestrian Safety Countermeasures Blackburn Presentation
S04-3 Murphy Sean Traffic Simulation Software Performance with Complex Scenarios (by Sean Murphy and John Sangster) Murphy Paper Murphy Presentation
S04-4 Brewer Marcus Treatments for Designing Urban Roadways for the Aging Population (by Marcus Brewer) Brewer Paper Brewer Presentation
S05-1 Zhang Wei Signal Timing Strategies for Georgia’s First In-House Designed DDI (by Yubian Wang, Yi Zhao, Wei Zhang, Joe Bared, and Peter Huang) Paper (S05-1) Zhang Presentation (S05-1)
S05-2 Warchol Shannon DDI Signal Timing – Lessons Learned Warchol Presentation
S05-3 Cheng Yao Concurrent Optimization of Signal Progression and Crossover Spacing for Diverging Diamond Interchanges Cheng Presentation
S05-4 Cunningham Christopher Current and Forthcoming Updates to the DDI Information Guide – Signal, Geometrics, and Safety Cunningham Presentation (S05-4)
S06-1 Anderson Tracy Beyond Scare Tactics and Statistics – Communication Strategies for Behavior Change Campaigns Anderson Presentation
S06-2 Foley Burke Data Visualization: Bringing Awareness to Action Foley Presentation
S06-3 Riegel Lisa How Do You Spell Vision Zero? D-E-S-I-G-N Riegel Presentation
S06-4 LaJeunesse Seth Vision Zero among Early Adopters: Applying Lessons from other Cities to the North Carolina Context LaJeunesse Presentation
S07-1 Hummer Joseph Interchange and Grade-Separated Intersection Designs that Promote Arterial Progression (by Joseph E. Hummer) Hummer Paper (S07-1) Hummer Presentation (S07-1)
S07-2 Rosepiler Amy Tremont Road: Completing the Street Rosepiler Presentation
S07-3 Kirkland Joe U-5710: Connecting the Coast to the City – A Case Study on Alternative Intersection Design at US 74 and Military Cutoff Road (by Joe Kirkland and Jeremy Jackson) Kirkland Paper Kirkland Presentation
S07-4 van Veen Dick Shared Spaces and Woonerfs – Why Not Here? van Veen Presentation
S08-1 Toombs Brian DDI Lessons Learned Toombs Presentation
S08-2 Neuman Jeremy Frontage Roads and DDIs, An Atypical Pairing (by Jeremy Neuman and Scott Johnson) Neuman Paper Neuman Presentation
S08-3 Chase Thomas Downstream Intersection and Ramp Terminal Considerations to Improve DDI Corridor Performance Chase Presentation
S08-4 Dixon Karen Access Management Issues for Cross Streets near Interchange Locations Dixon Presentation
S09-1 Flores Paula ITE / Vision Zero Flores Presentation
S09-2 Davis Veronica Building the Vision Zero Plan for the District of Columbia with the Public and Stakeholders Davis Presentation
S09-3 Cohn Jesse LA VZ Technical Analysis: A Data-Driven Effort to Eliminate Traffic Fatalities Cohn Presentation
S10-1 Bradley Ed An OEM Perspective on Connected and Automated Vehicles Bradley Presentation
S10-2 Clamann Michael Did It See Me? Display Design for Autonomous Vehicles Clamann Presentation
S10-3 Gibb Matthew How Connected Vehicle Deployment is Impacting Oakland County’s Traffic Signals Gibb Presentation
S11-01 McDonald David How Might Connected Vehicles and Autonomous Vehicles Influence Geometric Design? (by David McDonald)
[Award Winner: Best Paper, 5th Urban Street Symposium]
McDonald Paper McDonald Poster
S11-02 Odynski Richard Nope! That’s within our Right-of-Way (by Richard Odynski) Odynski Paper Odynski Poster
S11-03 Hummer Joseph A Crash Modification Factor for Signalized Superstreet Intersections Hummer Poster (S11-03)
S11-04 Hume Will Bus Rapid Transit: Geometry & Operations (by Will Hume, Smith Siromaskul, and Tom Shook)
[Award Winner: Best Paper, 5th Urban Street Symposium]
Hume Paper (S11-04) Hume Poster (S11-04)
S11-05 Siromaskul Smith US 192: A Different Take on BRT – A Case Study of Improving Operations for All Users (by Smith Siromaskul and Jeremy Dilmore) Siromaskul Paper Siromaskul Poster
S11-06 Al-Ghandour Majed The Impact of Junctions on the Frequency and Severity of Road Crashes in Florida Al-Ghandour Poster (S11-06)
S11-07 Le Thanh Safety Evaluation of Corner Clearance at Signalized Intersections (by Thanh Le, Frank Gross, and Timothy Harmon) Le Paper (S11-07) Le Poster (S11-07)
S11-08 Ahmed Ananna Driver Simulation State of the Practice and Next Steps (by Ananna Ahmed and John Sangster) Ahmed Paper Ahmed Poster
S11-09 Cook Dan Operational Effects of Consolidated Movements on Urban Arterials (by Daniel J. Cook) Cook Paper Cook Poster
S11-10 Smith Sarah Pedestrian Safety Treatments at Unsignalized Crossings Smith Poster
S11-11 Wood Jonathan Evaluating the Interactive Effects of Traffic Volumes and Access Density on Crash Frequency Wood Poster
S11-12 Chlewicki Gilbert Evidence of Pedestrian Dilemma Zones at Uncontrolled Crossings (by Gilbert Chlewicki and Said M. Easa) Chlewicki Paper (S11-12) Chlewicki Poster (S11-12)
S11-13 Shea M. Scott Safety Evaluation of Permitted Flashing Yellow Arrow Indications Considering Intersection Geometric Characteristics Shea Poster
S11-14 Das Subasish Converting Four-Lane Roadways into Five-Lane Roadways on Urban Structure: Study on Safety Effectiveness (by Subasish Das, Xiaoduan Sun, and Karen Dixon)
[Award Winner: Best Paper, 5th Urban Street Symposium]
Das Paper Das Poster
S11-15 Zhang Wei Visualizing Time Series Analysis in Spatial Domain for Detecting Regional Scale Crash Events Zhang Poster (S11-15)
S11-16 Jenior Peter FHWA Safety Performance for Intersection Control Evaluation (SPICE) Tool Jenior Poster
S11-17 Cunningham Christopher Safety Findings at Seven of the First DDIs in the Country Cunningham Poster (S11-17)
S11-18 Butorac Marc NCHRP 03-120 Assessing Interactions Between Access Management Treatments and Multimodal Users Update Butorac Poster
S11-19 Henderson Roger Pursuing Design Consistency for Bicycle Facilities Henderson Poster
S11-20 Barnwal Ashirwad Promoting Active Transportation: A TransCAD-based Approach
[Award Winner: Third Place, Student Poster Competition, 5th Urban Street Symposium]
Ashirwad Poster
S11-21 Stapleton Steven Predicting Yielding Compliance at Midblock Crossing Areas Based on Roadway, Traffic and Crosswalk Characteristics (by Steven Stapleton, Trevor Kirsch, Timothy J. Gates, and Peter T. Savolainen)
[Award Winner: Second Place, Student Poster Competition, 5th Urban Street Symposium]
Stapleton Paper Stapleton Poster
S11-22 Xue Chennan Evaluation of Sound and Vibration of Directional Rumble Strips for Deterring Freeway Wrong-way Entries
Award Winner: First Place, Student Poster Competition, 5th Urban Street Symposium
Xue Poster
S11-23 Wang Yaojun A Data-driven Approach to Design Feeder Bus Network based on Aggregated Cellphone Data and Open GIS Tool (by Yaojun Wang and Yue Liu) Wang Paper Wang Poster
S12-1 Reese Michael Innovative Intersections and Interchanges in NC Reese Presentation
S12-2 Borg Alex Alternative Intersections in Australia Borg Presentation
S12-3 Chlewicki Gilbert Improving Pedestrian Operations at Innovative Geometric Designs (by Gilbert Chlewicki)
[Award Winner: Best Paper, 5th Urban Street Symposium]
Chlewicki Paper (S12-3) Chlewicki Presentation (S12-3)
S12-4 Reid Jonathan Update on the Quadrant Roadway Intersection (by Jonathan Reid) Reid Paper Reid Presentation
S13-1 Fitzpatrick Kay Will You Stop for Me? Roadway Design and Traffic Control Device Influences on Drivers Yielding to Pedestrians in a Crosswalk with a Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacon (by Kay Fitzpatrick, Marcus A. Brewer, Raul Avelar, and Tomas Lindheimer) Fitzpatrick Paper (S13-1) Fitzpatrick Presentation (S13-1)
S13-2 Garcia Alfredo Frequency of Conflicts on Separated Cycle Tracks as a Function of Cross Section Characteristics (by Alfredo Garcia, Carlos Llorca, and Antonio Angel-Domenech) Garcia Paper Garcia Presentation
S13-3 Cock John Developing the Effective “Minimum Bikeway Grid” Cock Presentation
S13-4 Delk Todd Greenway Connectivity Through Innovative On-Road Design—Charlotte Uptown Urban Trails Study Delk Presentation
S14-1 Bready Shaun 3D Worlds – An Innovative Approach at Elevating Intersection Designs on a Budget (by Shaun Bready and Adam Lynch) Bready Paper Bready Presentation
S14-2 Wiseman Alex Feasibility Study of Protected-Permitted Phasing at Dual Left Turn Lanes (by Alex Wiseman) Wiseman Paper Wiseman Presentation
S14-3 Buasali Ahmed Assessing Robustness of Planning Level Tools for Predicting Roundabout Behavior (by Ahmed Buasali and John Sangster) Buasali Paper Buasali Presentation
S14-4 James Rachel A Capacity Estimation Model for a Contraflow Left-Turn Lane at Signalized Intersections James Presentation
S14-5 Zhang Wei Operational Evaluation of Virginia’s First Mini-Roundabout Zhang Presentation (S14-5)
S14-6 Lynch Adam Using a “Slow Ride” Bicycle Group to Accelerate an Active Transportation Program (by Adam Lynch) Lynch Paper Lynch Presentation
S14-7 Reyes Jason A Primer on the Small Town and Rural Multimodal Networks (STAR) Guide Reyes Presentation
S14-8 Martinson Ryan ITE Practitioner Guides on Transit and Protected Bikeway Design Martinson Presentation
S15-1 Hume Will Skinny Streets, Big Appetite: Merging Innovation along US 192 (Will Hume and Smith Siromaskul) Hume Paper (S15-1) Hume Presentation (S15-1)
S15-2 Thieken Stephen Roundabout Lessons Learned Thieken Presentation
S15-3 Al-Ghandour Majed Comparative Analysis between the Diverging Diamond Interchange and Partial Cloverleaf Interchange Using Micro-Simulation Modeling (by Evangelous I. Kaisar, Borja Galletebeitia, and Majed Al-Ghandour) Al-Ghandour Paper (S15-3) Al-Ghandour Presentation (S15-3)
S15-4 Schroeder Bastian Considerations and Best Practices for Accommodating Pedestrians and Cyclists at Alternative Intersections and Interchanges Schroeder Presentation
S16-1 Doctor Mark Road Diet Guidelines for Assessing Candidate Locations (by Mark Doctor) Doctor Paper Doctor Presentation
S16-2 Schrader Michael Quasi-Couplet: Preserving Mobility While Freeing Urban Street Space (by Joseph E. Hummer, Michael P. Reese, James H. Dunlop, Bailey M. Harden, and Michael Schrader) Schrader Paper Schrader Presentation
S16-3 Voigt Kenneth Tosa Village Plaza (by Kenneth H. Voigt) Voigt Paper Voigt Presentation
S16-4 Sangster John Impact of Driveway Density on Operations with Road Diets Sangster Presentation
S17-1 Porter R.J. Performance‐Based Analysis of Geometric Design of Highways and Streets Porter Presentation
S17-2 Walker Wade Some Assembly Required: Lessons Learned in Complete Streets Implementation Walker Presentation
S17-3 Merritt George Current Trends and Tomorrow’s Challenges for Performance-based Practical Design and the Urban Road Environment Merritt Presentation