Sunday Technical Training

A number of technical training opportunities were presented on Sunday, May 21. These training sessions were optional and required an additional cost. Below is a summary of the training opportunities.

Num Name Speakers Description Details
TT1 Northwest Raleigh Bike Tour Trung Vo, City of Raleigh Come see Raleigh from a different angle. This all-day tour will take you to several scenic points of interest along multiple shared-use paths. Interactive design-crossing assessment discussions may occur at Lake Crabtree County Park, Umstead State Forest, NC Museum of Art (art along bicycle facility) I-440 scenic bike bridge, Crabtree Mall bike path, and/or Shelley Lake Park. All day bike trip
TT2 Driving Tour of Alternative Intersections Mike Reese, NCDOT and Gilbert M. Chlewicki, ATS/American Join us for a unique opportunity to explore many of North Carolina’s Alternative Intersections.  North Carolina has the most superstreets and second most diverging diamond interchanges (DDI) in the country.  We will visit several superstreets and DDIs across North Carolina along with other unique design concepts.  Our tour will also have a lively discussion between stops.  You will see why North Carolina is a true leader in Alternative Intersection design. All day bus trip
TT4 The New Highway Capacity Manual 6th Edition: It’s Not Your Father’s HCM Tom Creasey, Stantec; Janice Daniel, New Jersey Institute of Technology; and Bastian Schroeder, Kittelson & Associates In late 2016, the Transportation Research Board published the Highway Capacity Manual, Sixth Edition: A Guide for Multimodal Mobility Analysis. The Sixth Edition incorporates the latest research on highway capacity, quality of service, Active Traffic and Demand Management, and travel time reliability and improves the HCM’s chapter outlines. The workshop will focus on: 1) why practitioners and educators should use the HCM; 2) what can be done with methods in the HCM that can’t be done (or done as well) with other tools; and 3) what’s new in this version of the Manual. 1/2 day afternoon