Student Poster Competition

The 5th Urban Street Symposium is pleased to announce the winners of the Student Poster Competition for research conducted by undergraduate, masters, or doctoral students, either completed or in progress. The symposium planning committee reviewed submissions and selected top posters for presentation in Raleigh, NC the morning of Tuesday, May 23. The poster session was integrated with posters submitted for the Symposium by researchers from around the country. The top three posters were awarded prizes of $500, $350, and $150, respectively.

Student Poster Winners

  • First Place: Chennan Xue, Dan Xu, and Huaguo Zhou; Auburn University —  Evaluation of Sound and Vibration of Directional Rumble Strips for Deterring Freeway Wrong-way Entries
  • Second Place: Steven Stapleton, Trevor Kirsch, Timothy J. Gates, and Peter T. Savolainen; Michigan State University — Predicting Yielding Compliance at Midblock Crossing Areas Based on Roadway, Traffic, and Crosswalk Characteristics
  • Third Place: Ashirwad Barnwal, Jing Dong, Peter T. Savolainen; Iowa State University — Promoting Active Transportation: A TransCAD-based Approach
USS5 Student Poster Award Winners (L-R): Dan Xu and Chennan Xue, Auburn University; Steven Stapleton, Michigan State University; Ashirwad Barnwal, Iowa State University; Shannon Warchol, Student Poster Competition Chair

The Call for Posters PDF below provides the submission details used for the event, and students used the poster template to develop their poster files.