Urban Street Symposium


The purpose of the Urban Street Symposium is to stimulate improvements in suburban/urban street design practices. It will provide a forum to:

  • Compare and discuss alternative street design practices.
  • Document better street designs.
  • Transfer urban street research findings to state agencies and to local governments.


Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee on:

7th Urban Street Symposium

The next edition of the Urban Street Symposium is tentatively scheduled for 2027 in a to-be-determined city in the United States.  More information will be released as the conference is planned.

6th Urban Street Symposium

  • The most recent edition of the Urban Street Symposium series, the 6th Urban Street Symposium, took place in conjunction with the 6th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design (ISHGD).
  • Originally scheduled for the summer of 2020, COVID-related restrictions made it necessary to reschedule the Symposium, which was held June 26-29, 2022, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • The 6th Symposium was organized and co-sponsored by:
  • The scope of the Symposium included topics related to either geometric design research or practice.  Within this scope, sessions on the meeting program were based on topics such as: urban street design; freeways and interchanges; intersection design, control, and operations; access management; accommodating all users; effects of automated/connected vehicles on design; and work zone design.

5th Urban Street Symposium